Thinking of Breeding?

It is almost certain that, when your dog was registered with the Kennel Club, a breeding endorsement was put in place. This will need to be lifted by your breeder before any puppies can be registered with the Kennel Club.

It is strongly advised that certain health tests will need to be done. The tests can be carried out when your Eurasier is at least one year of age. The recommended health tests are:

  • Hip Score (BVA, under sedation)

  • Elbow Score (BVA, under sedation) - note that 3 images are now required not 2!

  • Patella Luxation (unsedated)

  • Eye-conditions (minimum: entropion and distichiasis; BVA panel if possible)

  • Thyroid - full panel (TSH, Ft3/Ft4, T3/T4, TgAA)

  • Dandy Walker Like Malformation (DWLM) - reduced rates for SEA members. Please contact our Breed Health Coordinator for a form.

It may also be a good idea to check for other potential health issues, so please seek advice on this matter. Your dog’s breeder, as well as S.E.A. will be able to offer such advice. Potential breeders will be helped to choose an appropriate mate, based on health, temperament and conformation (how well your Eurasier fits the Eurasier standard). We will be able to assist you in finding the 'dream partner' for your bitch, or to help you decide about letting your male Eurasier sire a litter.

The ultimate choice will always be yours!

Advice is available to both bitch owners and stud-dog owners through our
Health & Breeding Subcommittee.